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Why Notesmartly ?

All in one place

Put everything that matters in one place. The Notebook, WideBoard and ScribbPad make it all the more easy to capture and share everything.

Collaborate in context.

Plan your tasks and communicate at the same place and the same time. Make sure that everyone is heard and nothing goes down the drain.

Collaborative Boards.

Use Wideboard to capture the conversation, links, pictures and documents for a project.Get together and make planning easy.

Strike a conversation.

Invite your friends or colleagues through email. Work together on a team project or just plan the event with your friends.

Get breakthrough ideas.

Notesmartly is super fast which facilitates ideation and rapid iteration.It helps you quickly create and evolve extraordinary concepts.

Offline Access.

Access all your stuff offline. In fact, you won't even realize whether you are online or offline.

Get Organized To Get Things Done

Your system for getting things organized and done efficiently.


Keep your tasks on a task list and prioritize by (arbitrary) due date.Have everything in one place to adequately assess it.

Plan ahead

Schedule proactively to manage your to-dos. Review the agenda beforehand. Be clutter and stress free.Be mindful in planning ahead.

Tame your inbox.

Inbox is place to list all the tasks that is eating up your mind. Process and clear your inbox on a regular basis.


If you don't have time to take on a new project enlist someone worthy to get the job done.Delegate tasks and save time.

Feature Highlights

Our app gives you three types of documents to play with.


Take notes of all your ideas on the go. Create a draft and add friends to review its versions


Capture your ideas as sketches and share them with your friends for instant feedback.


The ultimate board for real time collaboration. A brainstorming tool to plan and share your designs, specs, blueprints etc.

Use It For Inbox Zero Or To GTD

  • Inbox | Collect

    Gather everything which represents something you have to do. The purpose is to keep everything out of your head and collect it to your inbox.

  • Process

    This is a stage where you process and empty your inbox. Analyze each item you have collected and decide what to do with them.

  • Do , Delegate or Defer

    This stage is about deciding whether to make the item right away or enlist someone else to do it. Also, you can defer it to someday/maybe as simple as that.

  • Review | Get it done

    Review is the final stage where you review your tasks. Get it done and check off the item from the list. If not satisfied postpone it to a later date until it is done efficiently by you or the delegates

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